[xubuntu-users] Colour Printing

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Thu Oct 9 22:30:38 UTC 2014

On 10/09/2014 01:22 PM, David Walland wrote:
> I have set up my Xubuntu system to print on our venerable Epson Stylus
> Photo 1290 machine.  When I tried to use it most of the controls (which I
> use very frequently) simply were not there.  

This does not surprise me, I'm sorry to say. As I just alluded to this
in another post on an unrelated print topic, CUPS is very poor at
replicating the capabilities of a printer in its menus, and also appears
only marginally capable of modifying the settings for an individual
print job, if they vary from the defaults set in the queue settings for
a given printer.

Things that work, at least IMHE:

a. changing print quality (from FastDraft right up to HiResPhoto)

b. switching from Color to Monochrome and back

c. one-sided and two-sided (if printer can do that)

d. switching between Portrait and Landscape

Things that have never worked:

1. changing paper size upwards, even when the printer is capable of it

2. printing correctly with the "shrink-to-fit" option turned OFF
   (eg when you have an accurately-constructed A4 PDF to print on
   A4 paper with bleeding to the edge [which my printer can do],
   it insists on sticking in a bogus LH and top margin, and enlarging
   the image by about 8%)

Adobe Acrobat does have one good feature, however: after going through
the fine detail in the printer options, it echoes in a textbox the
actual command line it intends using. I often copy this and paste it
into a file, edit it, and then use it to print from the command line
with lpr. Crazy, but better control than anything else.


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