[xubuntu-users] Bug Reporting

Gevorg Abrahamian gevorg at abrahamian.info
Mon Oct 6 21:43:59 UTC 2014

"I've supplied bug reports (and feature requests) to any number of packages
over the years, including XFCE-related ones."

Thank you for filing those bugs! I have also filed bugs and have seen
pretty good response (especially compared with commercial software
vendors). I believe a lot depends on the bug, the severity of it, and also
who maintains the package and where the issue will ultimately get fixed.

I very much appreciate the *volunteer *efforts of the Xubuntu team. They
are doing a great job!

Since we're working with GPL software, it's nice to have the option to
"fix" our issue ourselves. In some cases it's too much effort and the bug
isn't that painful, so we just want someone else to do the job. Let's be
grateful to those volunteers who care enough to do the job for us. Check
out the Debian Constitution
<https://www.debian.org/devel/constitution> "*Nothing
in this constitution imposes an obligation on anyone to do work for the
Project. A person who does not want to do a task which has been delegated
or assigned to them does not need to do it.*"

I am running Xubuntu 14.04 just fine on a number of machines with different
hardware configurations. There are small issues here and there but I can
say there are fewer issues than what I experienced with Microsoft or Apple
software in the past.

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