[xubuntu-users] Flash player for XUbuntu 14.10

Sajan Parikh sajan at parikh.io
Sun Nov 23 02:29:35 UTC 2014

On 11/22/2014 08:21 PM, Tong Sun wrote:
> Hi,
> XUbuntu 14.10 does not come with a builtin flashplugin to play flashes
> in the firefox browser, right? The problem is that I'm having problem
> installing one. I tried to install,
> - flashplugin-installer - Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
> - adobe-flashplugin - Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11
> But neither was able to play the flashes on the
> http://www.discovery.ca/Video site. Is it the firefox's flashplugin
> problem or the site's problem? Can someone play flashes from the
> http://www.discovery.ca/Video? It keeps ask me to download flashplugin,
> but when I'm there at the Adobe flashplugin download site, I notice its
> version is exactly the same as the version with my
> installed adobe-flashplugin.
> Any help?
> Thanks
Did you try going to the following page to confirm?


Or type in "about:plugins" without the quotes into Firefox's address bar 
to see if the plugin is there.

If you can verify using the above that you have some version of Flash 
installed, I have 11,2,202,418, it is possible that the Discovery 
website is requiring a higher version of Flash.

The issue with that is Adobe stopped updating Flash at 11,2,202,418.  I 
think the current version is 15.  Some sites might require a newer 
version of Flash.

Try going to Youtube and playing any video, right click on the video. 
If you see the Flash version number that means your Flash is installed 
and Discovery's site just needs a later version.
Sajan Parikh

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