[xubuntu-users] How to mount a cell phone

GothSpark Imvu gothsparkimvu at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 06:43:26 UTC 2014

Oddly enought I never had any trouble connecting the few phones that I
had with linux but always had pain with windows (due to drivers not
being ported to windows 8...)
it depends on how the usb connect is set on the android device, there
is under advenced settings for usb connection a few things that may
change like mtp connection for media sync , or direct connect,  there
is also ftp access , it really depends on how the driver is made. old
android phones will attempt direct connect, some prefer mtp, and some
refuse unless they are told to connect either way,   the htc one
should be able to direct connect I think, at last the one S does (I
really should root this one)  my Htc Status does direct connect (on
stock rom and on cm11) I just had to uncheck the mtp setting em...
can't remember where exactly O.o
I had the adb installed if it helps

2014-11-09 17:49 GMT-05:00 Dave Hills <dave.hills.2009 at gmail.com>:
> On 09/11/14 17:15, MR ZenWiz wrote:
> I have a Casio C811 G-zone cell phone that I'd like to be able to
> acess from my Xubuntu 14.04.1 system.
> When I plug it in to the USB port, it shows up in lsusb as an NEC
> device, but the file system never mounts and I can't seem to access it
> as a /dev device.
> The phone has version 4.12 of Android, if that's any help.
> Any suggestions welcome.
> Thanks.
> MR
> Hi MR,
> I installed a package called mtp-tools on my Laptop with 14.04.1 Xubuntu. I
> can mount my old Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.3) and my new HTC One M8 (4.4.4). In
> both cases I have full access to the external SD card and the internal
> Android memory.
> You can install via Synaptic Package Manager or:
> sudo apt-get install mtp-tools
> kind regards
> Dave_H
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