[xubuntu-users] POWER MANAGER in 14.04 --- Not Authorized

Chris Clifford chris at ganglere.net
Mon Jun 30 18:45:21 UTC 2014

My desktop and laptop both have the same issue: "Power Manager Not 

Both are fresh installs of Xubuntu only.

Relevant bug reports: 1319598 
and 1330081 

On 6/26/2014 3:54 PM, Martin Ravensholt wrote:
> I know this isn't very helpful - esp. since I'm a GNU/Linux newbie my 
> self.
> Running multiple versions of *buntu on top of each other is asking for 
> all sorts of problems.
> I'd recommend you to do a fresh clean install of Xubuntu only.
> Best regards,
> Martin
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 9:49 PM, c. marlow <chris at marlows.org 
> <mailto:chris at marlows.org>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I have xu 14.04 set to go to sleep if no one touches the computer
>     for 55 min.
>     But it never goes to sleep, and when you put your password in on
>     the log in screen to get back to your desktop
>     I see this in the corner every time?
>     http://i886.photobucket.com/albums/ac69/CMAR606/Xubuntu%20Mail%20List/Screenshot-06262014-024154PM.png
>      So why am I not authorized or should I say POWER MANAGER which is
>     where I set the setting to turn the screen off after xx etc, that
>     all that works fine but when it comes to going to sleep without me
>     having to fire up term and do the sudo pm-suspend, that the
>     computer tells me if it tries it on its own im not authorized,
>     basically failing to do what I asked it to?
>     This is LU-XU-TOO ( been using Lubuntu 14.04 but has too many
>     issues for every day production, so I installed xubuntu on top of
>     it and thats what I log into not LU.  )
>     fresh install of LU from a full format a couple weeks ago, then
>     sudo apt-get install Xubuntu on top of that.
>     Ideas on a fix?
>     Thanks,
>     Christopher
>     USA
>     -- 
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