[xubuntu-users] [Bulk] Re: Searching radio app for Xubuntu

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Mon Jun 23 10:33:56 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-06-23 at 10:50 +0100, Chris Green wrote:
> when I play the station there's no sound.

Pulseaudio might not be the culprit, but for testing purpose I would
remove pulseaudio, assumed it should be installed. For all of my
installs I don't install, resp. remove pusleaudio and regarding to hard
dependencies, if necessary I install a pulseaudio dummy package.

Building a dummy package is easy to do,
http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-helpers.en.html , don't
worry, the "Obsolete Documentation" does work.

Keep libpulse, only remove pulseaudio, or replace it by an empty dummy

JFTR for common audio usage I don't use a sound server, I use plain
ALSA, just for audio productions I use jackd.

Even today pulseaudio still could cause issues. Perhaps there isn't the
need to remove pulseaudio, it might be possible to _really_ disable it

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