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Wed Jun 18 23:38:37 UTC 2014

On Wed, 18 Jun 2014 15:39:35 -0500
"c. marlow" <chris at marlows.org> wrote:

> Hello Folks,
> So I was recently reading:
> https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/fatalmistakes
> And it states:
> Don't mix desktop environments: choose Ubuntu (Gnome/Unity), Xubuntu
> (Xfce) or Kubuntu (KDE) 6. An Ubuntu in which both the full
> Unity/Gnome and the full KDE desktop environments has been installed,
> turns your system into a hopelessly polluted mess. This pollution
> will decrease performance and may cause instability and malfunctions.
> If you want to ensure that your operating system continues to work
> well, then you'll install either Ubuntu (Gnome/Unity) or Kubuntu
> (KDE). And then you won't install any KDE applications in Ubuntu,
> that upon installation pull in half of the KDE desktop as dependent
> files (like for example DVD burner K3B does)...
> Tip: when you install applications by means of Synaptic Package
> Manager, then you can check beforehand what a particular application
> needs as dependent files.
> Desktop environments that share a lot "under the hood", you may
> install alongside each other, if you wish. Xfce (the desktop
> environment of Xubuntu) fits pretty nicely alongside the Gnome/Unity
> of Ubuntu. But even then some pollution is inevitable...
> Have you made this mistake and do you wish to undo it? Then the best
> approach is unfortunately a clean re-installation.
> =========================================================================
> Ok, well I was using LUBUNTU 14.04 and just decided to give up on it
> for now till they get some bugs that bother me that I have been
> talking with the mail group about via email, since I am on limited
> bandwith, I just REINSTALLED a FRESH copy of LUBUNTU 14.04 and then
> went to terminal and installed XUBUNTU on top of that. 
> I then went to synaptic and removed all items starting with LU or
> LXDE and everythings fine its been up and running for over an hour
> and 34 min. 
> So whats wrong with what I did? I safely removed all lxde apps? 
> Christopher

Hi Christopher,

From my perspective, the guy who said not to mix KDE and Unity was
right, but not for the reasons he thinks. The trouble with mixing KDE
and Unity is that having either one on your computer is an invitation
to heartache. The act of mixing desktops isn't bad: I mix LXDE and Xfce
and Openbox and a host of others all the time.

I guess since this is the *X*ubuntu mailing list, it wouldn't be
trolling for me to say the following:

Both KDE, and Unity, each in its own right, is a bloated, crashy pig!

So yeah, I kicked every single KDE library and app off my computer, and
never let them sneak back on. And Unity? LOL. But when it comes to my
xfce4-terminal, lxterminal, lxpanel, and several others, I'll use those
til the day I die. I install Xfce, LXDE, and Openbox on every computer
I own. Even though I normally use dwm :-)

If the author of that article is using either KDE or Unity, he has
bigger fish to fry than whether he mixes desktops, or which distro he
decides to use with what desktop. 


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