[xubuntu-users] Automatically shifting time when changing country.

David Walland davidwalland at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 9 15:49:05 UTC 2014

Hi George,

That's what I already do.  What makes me curious is that my computer is
coming up with a wide range of German advertisements (none of which I can
read as my languages are English and Danish), so something somewhere *must*
know that I'm in Germany not the UK.  We've been here twice before and on
each occasion first on a elderly XP laptop, then on a rather more modern
Dell Vista  machine and now on my one year older Dell running Xubuntu 64
bit, I'm again getting these, so someone/thing somewhere knows something
about my whereabouts.  I never get any German adverts in the UK, even when
I've only just left the country.  We're stopping on the way back in
Holland.  If there's time I'll start up the Internet and see if I get Dutch
adverts (I can sometimes *almost* read those - the written language is
quite close to Danish - if you're good at free-association and daft plays
on words).

Do you know how this information gets winnowed out of my connecting with
the internet?  Is it likely to be from the wifi link?  It might be fun,
when I'm more up to speed with Linux, to see if I can use whatever the
secret is to reset (or offer to reset) the clock to local time...



On 9 July 2014 14:51, George F. Nemeyer <tigerwolf at tigerden.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Jul 2014, David Walland wrote:
> > Is there any way to set up my Xubuntu laptop to automatically pick up the
> > local time from the local Internet and reset it from UK time to EU time
> and
> > reverse.  My (Android) mobile does this quite happily...
> Your mobile gets local time from the nearby cell phone towers to which it
> connects.  Therefore, as you move around, the time where you are is easily
> determined.  It's not 'Internet time', but rather 'cell tower' time.
> The problem with pure Internet devices is the OS does not know (or care)
> just where you are located unless you tell it, as it typically has no way
> to know your location as you move around.
> It is possible to do automatic time synchronization with known Network
> Time Protocol servers over the Internet.  These are typically very
> accurate, but transmit time in UTC and not local.  Your machine applies
> time zone corrections when you tell it what time zone you are in (or want
> to use for your time base).
> If your laptop has built in GPS or has a GPS dongle, there *may* be some
> application that automatically takes your position and coverts it to the
> local time zone to change your time display, but I'm not aware of any.
> The simplest way is to simply set up NTP time synchronization to keep an
> accurate clock, then use your OS time zone utility to tell it which time
> zone you are in for display purposes.
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