[xubuntu-users] non-rebooting 14.04 blank screen problem...

Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
Wed Jul 2 00:54:25 UTC 2014

My XUbuntu was booting erratically also.  I tracked the problem to a 
cheap SATA splitter power cable I had sourced "from the internet". I 
believe I had overloaded one of the leads from the power supply, too 
much plugged in (3 hard drives + CD) plus a cruddy lead.  Cutting a lead 
with 3 SATA power plugs off a dead PC case, removing a lead with three 
standard power plugs from this machine and soldering the SATA lead in 
its place.  Problem solved!!  Nice quick, clean boots every time.  No 
more pauses or stalling.

Worth consideration?  Any hardware changes recently?


On 02/07/14 03:07, Joshua O'Leary wrote:
> Does it boot with nomodeset (add it as an option in grub)? Maybe it is 
> a buggy graphics driver.
> Joshua
> On 30/06/14 20:04, Gary Charvat wrote:
>> Giving you a heads up -- I previously write that my 14.04 would not 
>> boot and went to a blank screen.
>> Well, I goofed around with all the possible boot-options -- got to 
>> the point of frustration and let it sit for a n hour or so - then 
>> tried again.
>> I finally got to a point where I got the message  -- where the "OK" 
>> was in BLACK,
>>      "Starting Load Fallback Graphics Devices        [OK]"
>> Then another message
>>      "Starting Load Fallback Graphics Devices [FAIL]"  -- where the 
>> "FAIL" was in RED
>> At that point I felt the frustration and just powered down. When I 
>> was finished with another project I thought I'd try again -- hit the 
>> power switch & "Wall-ah" everything came up perfectly...
>> Just thought I'd alert you to a possible problem...
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Gary
>> Gary P. Charvat
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>> Shelton, CT  06484
>> (203) 929-9187
>> eMail:g.charvat at snet.net
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>> Please excuse any typos as the individual entering this message has Parkinson's disease...

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