[xubuntu-users] Sound control thing disappeared from my panel

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Thu Jan 9 14:08:00 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jan 09, 2014 at 12:32:55PM +0000, Elfy wrote:
> On 09/01/14 11:46, Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
> >Somehow, I lost control of sound.   There used to be a thing that
> >looked like a speaker that allowed me to control muting and volume.
> >Now the speaker is there, but smaller and with a set of dots, but it
> >doesn't do anything at all.
> >
> >The panel items thingie shows it is in an indicator plugin (external),
> >but I have no idea how to manage or explore it.
> >
> >
> >
> This has been released for saucy / 13.10
> You might need to enable -updates in Settings Manager -
> Software&Updates - Updates tab and reload to see it.
We can *see* it, but it doesn't do anything!

Chris Green

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