[xubuntu-users] Graphic card disaster

Michele Mor m.mor.mail at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 09:48:39 UTC 2014

> Hi Dave.
> As you stated, there's no xorg.conf file.
> I've tried a couple of proposed solutions, but all of them involve
> xorg.conf file and therefore are not applicable to the latest ubuntu.
> I'll try to remove the fglrx packages as you suggested.
> Note: after I start Xubuntu and I've got my blue and black screen (there's
> no login screen) the command CTRL+ALT+F1(-F5) does not work.
> If I want to revert to a command line (without x server) I need to select
> Advanced Option in the Grub menu and then select the "recovery" option for
> my latest kernel version.
> Then from the menu I select the option to use root (can't remember the
> exact wording at the moment!).
> Will keep you update in the next few days.
> Thanks.
> Michele
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