[xubuntu-users] keepassx can't be opened from systray in xubuntu utopia

Wybo wybo at dekkerdocumenten.nl
Wed Dec 17 10:25:07 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-17 01:01, Roger Broseus wrote:
> Be sure you have excited keepass and look for a lock file, probably in the same
> directory as your database. Delete the lock file. It sometimes gets left behind,
> e.g., after logging out or shutting down.

The problem is /not/ that I can't start keepassx:
The problem is that, once started and minimized in the system tray, I can't 
access it anymore. I can only quit, lock, or unlock it. The only way to access 
or edit its entries is to quit, edit ~/.config/keepassx/config.ini to set


then start it again, edit the entries, and reset the minimize options.
In trusty, this could all be done by clicking the systray icon, which opened the 
editing window (after asking the password if keepassx was locked).

> On December 16, 2014 4:07:45 PM EST, Wybo <wybo at dekkerdocumenten.nl> wrote:
>     After upgrading xubuntu from trusty to utopia the above problem appeared.
>     The only options in the systray are to quit keepassx or to lock of unlock it.
>     Has anyone a solution for this?
> --
> "Linux.Rog"


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