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Ince, Wilbur wilbur at wilbur.us
Mon Dec 1 21:35:03 UTC 2014

I have two desktops, one for work, and the other for a media server -
both running 14.04.  One runs NVidia GT218 [GeForce 210].  I am using
the closed source NVidia drivers and it's very fast and stable.  The
other is running an AMD HD7770, which uses the open source drivers.
Both cards were about the same price and both work very well.

One difference is that the Nvidia driver install is involved and
requires some skills to get the install done right.  This cound be
quite challenging for a Linux newbie.  The AMD drivers get loaded

Before you buy anything, I would do some googling to see what kinds of
discussions folks are having about the cards.  Some cards have issues,
and others are very easy installs.

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 3:54 AM, Ralf Mardorf
<ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Nov 2014 09:40:01 +0000
> Norman Silverstone <norman at littletank.org> wrote:
>> According to the supplier of the software any of the following units
>> would be suitable:-
>> NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series, GeForce 9 Series, GeForce 100 Series,
>> GeForce 200 Series, GeForce 300 Series, GeForce 400 Series, GeForce
>> 500 Series, ATI Radeon HD2000 Series, Radeon HD3000 Series, Radeon
>> HD4000 Series, Radeon HD5000 Series, Radeon HD6000 Series.
> Regarding to what cards are supported a search engine could help you.
> One note might be important, if you need the proprietary driver for the
> graphics, take care about the fact that proprietary ATI drivers only
> work for a few versions of X, the drivers never will be upgraded.
> Proprietary NVIDI drivers get upgraded and should work with all versions
> of X. The FLOSS drivers usually don't cause issues, provide good enough
> 3D acceleration for averaged tasks, e.g. Google-Earth and running Xfce4
> doesn't cause issues, but if you e.g. want to run Cinnamon or GNOME,
> then the FLOSS 3D acceleration could be much to slow.
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