[xubuntu-users] More 14.04 Indicator insanity

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sat Apr 26 10:54:04 UTC 2014

On 04/26/2014 02:08 AM, George F. Nemeyer wrote:
> The indicator seems to be a real mess after in-situ upgrade from 13.10 to
> 14.04.
> First, I had the 'vanishing' network manager indicator reported by others.
> Now, however, after just booting up the machine to read mail, the Audio
> Volume Control speaker icon indcator is GONE, AND I now have TWO battery
> indicator icons!!

As I posted before, the entire design and implementation of the
notification mechanism is a complete mess, and has been since at least 10.*

The monitor subsystems are unstable, in that they crash without
notification, and do not auto-restart. The notification mechanism (as I
understand it, which isn't much) is supposed to use a single
Notification Area for all widgets, but this means that if one crashes
and takes down not just itself but the Notification Area in the panel
with it, neither of them returns, so the remaining monitors have nowhere
to display their output, so they die off as well. There is no
well-defined and exposed method for an end-user to fire up a monitor
again, so a restart is necessary (sometimes restarting the X server
works, other times it needs a reboot), otherwise you might well get two
or even three copies of a single widget.

I assume this has not been reported comprehensively and replicably, so
it won't get fixed. It's hard to pin it down, as the monitors tend to be
stable for a period of time, and then crash unexpectedly without the
user having done anything obvious to make them crash. This makes it
virtually impossible to report in a way that the developers can use.


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