[xubuntu-users] upgrade to 14.04???

Steve verner.steven at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 15:04:43 UTC 2014

You can go ahead through the updater. Note that for "production" 
machines, i.e. your daily use desktop, it is not advised to update unti 
the 14.04.1 release as there may be (and are) some glitches still left 
to be hammered out. Go to xubuntu.org and read the release notes before 
you upgrade and see if any of the known bugs relate to something you do 
or are something you would be comfortable dealing with until the fix 
comes down.

On 04/19/2014 10:59 AM, Gary Charvat wrote:
> I've been notified by the software updater that the new version, 
> 14.04, is available.  Can my system be upgraded to via the updater, or 
> do I have to go another procedure.  Please advise...
> Regards,
> Gary

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