[xubuntu-users] Website completely inaccessible from Xubuntu

Alejandro Lieber dos at lieber.com.ar
Sat Sep 7 10:53:39 UTC 2013

In Argentina using Xubuntu 12.04 and Firefox 23.0:

no problem reading the site.


On 09/06/2013 11:00 PM, Anthony Papillion wrote:
> On 09/06/2013 08:42 PM, Chris Feld wrote:
>> That really is weird.
>> What about pinging the URL? As well as the usual traceroute and whois.
> That's an interesting thing. Traceroute returns *nothing* after about
> the 9th hop (blackfoot.net). It does 23 hops and *nothing* after the
> 9th. Blackfoot.net is the network that actually hosts the schneier.com
> domain. So it's reaching the network but not being routed to the host.
> Whois shows things correctly. Ping completely fails to return anything.
> Even a single report.
>> All I can think of is that there's either some really weird setting in
>> your network connection or the site has blacklisted your IP address.
> I was wondering if it might be a routing problem within the
> blackfoot.net network. But I hoped over to my Windows 7 box (on my same
> LAN) and I can reach it with no problem. So the problem has to be local
> to my Xubuntu box but I have no idea what might be going on.
> Here's something else odd: I can't reach it via the IXQuick proxy OR a
> VPN on this box. It's the only site I know that this is happening with!
> Anthony

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