[xubuntu-users] Website completely inaccessible from Xubuntu

James Freer jessejazza3.uk at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 01:26:15 UTC 2013

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 2:14 AM, Anthony Papillion <anthony at papillion.me> wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> I'm experiencing a weird problem that I can't seem to track the source
> of down. I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on
> what might be going on and how I can go about fixing it.
> On Wednesday morning, I attempted to go to www.schneier.com from my
> Xubuntu box (this is the website of security expert Bruce Schneier).
> I've been to the site many times with no problem at all. But, as of
> Wednesday morning, I can't access the site at all.
> Today, I thought it might be a problem with my network so I attempted to
> access the website from another computer. It worked! So the problem
> seems to specifically be based on my Xubuntu 12.04 machine and I don't
> know how to resolve it.
> I've checked in the /etc/hosts file to make sure nothing was there and
> everything is fine. I've checked my firewall 'just in case'. No
> problems. I'm at my wits end trying to resolve this.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Anthony

I am also using 12.04 and looked just now... seems fine. Seemed ok on
13.04 which is on my other machine - could well be your machine and a
new install would clear it. 13.10 is drawing close.


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