[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 13.10 Boots Straight to Console

ZukePrime zukeprime at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 01:57:21 UTC 2013

Hey all,
Trying to figure out an issue that just popped up.  I did a fresh 13.10
install on my laptop with an Nvidia 9600M GS video card, 64bit, Dual Core,
8GB RAM.  This laptop was running 13.10 upgraded from 13.04 earlier today,
but due to some minor configuration issues and annoyances, I decided to
start fresh.

Everything loaded fine on install.  After configuring it to my liking, I
went ahead and installed the Nvidia 319 drivers and restarted.  When it
booted up it went straight into console.

In the console I reinstalled Nvidia-313 and restarted...no dice.  Then I
uninstalled all Nvidia drivers, again no luck.

Any thoughts and what I should do next?  What information or logs should I
look at to drill down on this?  I'm going to try the 'startx' command based
on some Google searching, but I need to understand why it happened in the
first place.

P.S. Not trolling, but I tell you my patience with Linux is running out,
when a fresh install self-destructs after something as "simple" as loading
a video driver...on a system that was working fine on 13.04 (and 13.10
upgrade) with 313 and 319 drivers for a few months now.  I hate windows
bloat, but I've never had as many issues with my windows install (dual
boot) as I've had with Ubuntu.  Arrgghh...I really want it to work and cut
the windows cord.  Linux will never break through if something like this
breaks the system so easily. Rant off...I'm just frustrated and need to
step away.  :D
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