[xubuntu-users] Problem with CIFS Shares

mdmcaf mdmcaf at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 20:51:05 UTC 2013

My data is all currently kept on a server running Windows Storage Server 
2012; The setup works well most of the time...sometimes I have to reboot 
my Xubuntu 12.04 system as the shared drives on the Windows machine will 
disapper from Xubuntul but it was infrequent enough that it didn't 
really disrupt my work. I've recently added another 2TB hard drive and 
it disappears more frequently than the other hard drives; I would say 
that it disappears every 45 minutes - 90 minutes. Sometimes I'm able to 
umount just that volume and then reconnect to it...but lately it's 
required a system reboot in order to reconnect to the share.

Starting today:

When I try to umount the drive from my ~/mounts directory it gives the 
following error message:

/umount2: Device or resource busy//
//umount: /home/chrisf/mounts/backup_2: device is busy.//
//        (In some cases useful info about processes that use//
//         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))//
//umount2: Device or resource busy//
I then have to issue the /sudo umount -l <path to share>/ command in 
order to get it to un-mount. But afterwards I'm not able to reconnect to 
the drive - I'll issue the /mount/ command and the terminal will just 
sit there on a new line with a blinking cursor and doesn't appear to be 
doing anything. I've tried leaving it for as long as I can but nothing 
ever happens. When I try to escape the process via a CTRL-C it doesn't 
give me a new line in which to issue commands.; I have to reboot the 
machine in order to get it to work and then it only stays up for the 45 
- 90 minutes and the whole process starts all over again.

I'm using fstab to automatically mount the drives when the system boots; 
the CIFS shares in the fstab file use a credentials file in order to 
connect to the drive as not using one was giving me problems when I 
first set this arrangement up about a year ago.

In addition to recently adding this new 2TB HDD; I've also changed the 
password used to connect to the server. I changed the corresponding 
~/.smbcredentials file and all of the other mounts seem to be 
functioning well; it's just this one hard drive that keeps giving me 
heartache. The only thing different about this hard drive is that it's 
connected to a PCI-e SATA controller card on the server; I have another 
hard drive that's connected to that SATA controller, but it's working 
just fine and doesn't drop. OH! I just remembered...before I added the 
2TB drive that's been giving me so much heartache, the other 2TB hard 
drive that was on that SATA controller would occassionally give me 
problems - exhibiting nearly the same behavior as the aforementioned 
hard drive is...the only difference being that it wasn't as stubborn at 
being unmounted and remounted and didn't require me to reboot my Xubuntu 
machine as often.

The random unmount only happens on my Xubuntu box, I've tested with a 
Windows 8.1 laptop, mounting the same shares (using the /Map Network 
Drive/ function) and it stayed connected the entire time the laptop was 
up (which I left up over night)...so this seems to be a Xubuntu problem.

Any help is appreciated.
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