[xubuntu-users] Minimal Xubuntu Install

ZP zukeprime at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 15:40:20 UTC 2013

There's a small issue when doing a minimal install via the procedures on 
the website.  With the Ubuntu mini and Ubuntu Server installation via 
USB, the installer assigns the USB drive to sda and the primary hard 
drive ends up being sdb.

With that, during the GRUB install, you'll probably get an error since 
it can't install GRUB to sda (the USB dongle).  Also, you'll find your 
system drive has been assigned to sdb, which I'm sure causes all kinds 
of future, unknown issues.

The easiest fix is installing from CD.  For my netbook, I use a USB 
CD/DVD drive, which self-identified as such from BIOS and allowed the 
installer to assign my primary system drive to sda.

The USB installation method is obviously the easiest, but for a Xubuntu 
mini install, save yourself the hassle and burn it to CD. I'm not Linux 
savvy enough yet to manually fix GRUB or reassign sda/sdb designations 
after install.

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