[xubuntu-users] new xubuntu adventure

Mario Tavares mrgtavares at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 12:10:46 UTC 2013

Hello Enrico,

I do not know how this is still important, but I learned from Master Carlos
Morimoto that formatting the hard disk is advisable to do a swap area. On a
computer with scarce memory, it seems quite reasonable. I usually format
the hard drive with 3 partitions: one for the system partition (/), an area
of exchange (swap) and a partition for /home. So, even if you need to
reinstall the system, do not modify my files and not my settings (hidden
folders such as. /config). The size of the swap area varies, but I think
1024 Kb could be a good choice.


Mario Tavares
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Xubuntu 12.20
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