[xubuntu-users] A way to remove text in title bar?

S├ębastien ml at terranean.eu
Wed Jul 24 13:24:34 UTC 2013

PGillespie said:
> I notice in Settings --> Windows Manger --> Style that it's possible
> to add or remove buttons, but it's *not* possible to remove the
> "Title" (which begs the question, why have the "Title" button show if
> it's not removable)?

Not using Xfce right now, but AFAIR if the Title button wasn't there, we
wouldn't know which side buttons are. If I want to move the closing
button to the left side, if Title wasn't there to act as a separator, I
wouldn't know if the window title is before or after the button.

Glad you sorted it out though.


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