[xubuntu-users] Email clients not connecting

S├ębastien ml at terranean.eu
Wed Jul 24 13:20:26 UTC 2013

Gerard Hodson said:
> Thank you for your interest. I have since been informed that security
> at ubuntuforums was recently compromised and as my email accounts have
> been associated with that forum I am assuming that this is a security
> issue between the email providers and myself.


The hacking of the Ubuntu forums also reached our crystal balls, so
please do copy and paste here any useful *full* information such as
log/console output that the email client is displaying when it "doesn't
connect" (use dpaste.com if it's too large).

If your email address has been compromised as well, I guess you wouldn't
have a "network unreachable" error but an error stating that the
password you provided doesn't match or that the login doesn't exist. But
without any more information, the cause of the difficulties you're
experiencing can just be anything.

Make sure you enter the correct POP3/SMTP/IMAP address, that you
enabled POP3/IMAP checking in Gmail service (although I guess it
wouldn't say the network is unreachable), make sure SSL/port settings
are right, that you can ping Google and Zoho from a terminal, try
other locations if you can, etc.


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