[xubuntu-users] New laptop running v 13.04 - and wifi

Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF] peter at frenning.dk
Sat Jul 13 08:01:24 UTC 2013

Den 13-07-2013 09:35, Neil Winchurst skrev:
> On 12/07/13 18:11, wim dukker wrote:
>> regards, wim
>> Op 12.07.2013 18:57, Neil Winchurst schreef:
>>> My old laptop had not trouble with wifi, running Xubuntu 12.04.
>>> Unfortunately it has died on me. I have just received my replacement
>>> machine and I am setting it up. This time I am using version 13.04.
>>> Mostly it is going well, but for some reason it is not seeing any wifi
>>> at all. Is there something different with this new version that I
>>> don't know about?
>>> In both cases I installed with a cable link to the router. Afterwards
>>> with the old machine I simply started it up without the cable link and
>>> if found the wifi no problem. I just had to put in the password.
>>> When I tried this with the new one it simply did not find any wifi at
>>> all. Can anyone help please?
>>> Thanks
>>> Neil
> > Does your hardware have a hardware button to activate the wifi adapter?
> > My hardware does!
> >
> Should have thought of that. I will check. It could be that simple.
> Neil
Could also be a missing/non-existent driver for the new HW. In many 
cases the WiFi adapter is as accessible behind a small lid on 
theunderside of the Laptop, it may be possible to switch the old WiFi 
adapter to the new machine.
Caveat: The BIOS of the new machine may not like the old adapter, 
invalidating this fix.

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