[xubuntu-users] Home network - a little progress

Joshua O'Leary jmoey139 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 23:27:25 UTC 2013

You wouldn't get anything from Vista unless you installed a putty (or similar) ssh server - it only has telnet by default

Phil <phil_lor at bigpond.com> wrote:

>On 08/01/13 07:11, Phil wrote:
>> I do had gvfs installed and ctl+l simply highlights the address that
>> appears in Thunar's address bar. If I enter nothing happens,
>> I must be entering the address in the wrong place.
>If I enter sftp:// (which is the address of the laptop that I'm
>currently using) into Thunar's address bar then a connection is 
>established. This is progress but a connection to itself is not a lot
>If I enter the address of the other laptop then I get the error message
>"ssh program unexpectedly exited".
>I installed the ssh meta package but without any improvement.
>Perhaps the other laptop is blocking access, I seem to remember that I 
>couldn't connect to this laptop when is was running Vista.
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