[xubuntu-users] ubuntuforums site scrolling jerky

Art Slurry info at artslurry.com
Sun Feb 3 12:02:25 UTC 2013

On 02/03/2013 05:45 AM, Dave Hills wrote:
> On 2 February 2013 06:53, Art Slurry <info at artslurry.com 
> <mailto:info at artslurry.com>> wrote:
>     hi all,
>     given fresh install 12.04 xubuntu, all updates
>     I cannot get the ubuntuforums.org <http://ubuntuforums.org> site
>     to scroll smoothly either with the mouse wheel, or side bar, or
>     even arrow keys, making it impossible to use..
>     nvidia geforce with version 173 driver installed,
>     no extensions running in firefox 18.0.1
>     same result in midori
>     i've also tried a different video card
>     anyone else have a problem with the site?  just trying to figure
>     out if it's the site or my box
>     no problems with any other site, nothing relevant in the logs, i'm
>     at a loss
>     thanks,
> Hi,
> Another thought, did you complete the language set up following the 
> install, this could possibly affect the browser as do fonts 
> and character sets. I would also try un-installing and re-installing 
> the browser using synaptic or the SW centre.
> Dave
did language setup, no changes, but thanks
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