[xubuntu-users] Printer spooling broken

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 23:49:07 UTC 2013

I've got an HP CP2025 color laser jet that's been working fine on my
local intranet.  My Windows machine can still print to it.

Earlier today, from xubuntu, it printed from GIMP, but very poorly,
and has not printed from xubuntu since.  The printer did not complain
-- jobs seem to be stuck in the spooler.  I have cycled power on the
printer, restarted cups, and rebooted xubuntu all to no avail.

Current status is that anything I set to print shows up in a printer
icon in the panel, and stays there.  I don't see or hear any activity
on its part from the printer.

Before I switched to xubuntu, I used to be able to do some management
chores on a web interface, but it's either now gone or I've forgotten
how to use it (both are possible -- it's been a while).

Any suggestions?

Kevin O'Gorman

programmer, n. an organism that transmutes caffeine into software.

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