[xubuntu-users] Fwd: Re: Misaligned Windows in the Interface

John Deakin john at humanaspects.co.uk
Sun Sep 9 13:22:58 UTC 2012

On 07/09/12 06:07, Mike Kupfer wrote:
> Jack Fromm wrote:
>> I forgot to mention one other symptom. Alt-F4 doesn't work. 
> [...]
>> I thought it was just me. I developed the same problem the other night.
>> I've been on 12.04 since May and it worked fine until then. In addition
>> to the problems John describes, applications open on my secondary
>> monitor and I can't move them. Not only that, but they don't show an
>> icon on the panel like an open app should. Finally, when I go into
>> Settings Manager, both Window Manager and Window Manager Tweaks are
>> completely blank when I open them.
> Jack, in your case, it sounds to me like the Xfce window manager (xfwm4)
> is not running for some reason.
> If you can get a terminal window, see if "pgrep xfwm4" prints anything.
> If it does not, try running "xfwm4 &" and see if that fixes things.
> I don't recognize the symptoms that John Deakin reported, but it
> wouldn't hurt for him to try these steps, too.
> If manually starting xfwm4 fixes things for you, make sure you save your
> session so that you have xfwm4 the next time you log in.
> mike

My problem returned so I followed Mike's advice and got no return.
Having tried running "xfwm4 &" all was well again. Can you tell me how I
might have lost xfwm4 to start with?

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