[xubuntu-users] Panels, indicator and notification,

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 21:11:57 UTC 2012

For Terry and others, the panels have both 'Indicator applet' and
'notification area' which can be confusing. (Nomenclature developers
why is that?) I found that once had messed up the panels, the main
missing item was the 'Indicator' and that putting it in fixed a lot.
So, try both.
To reproduce the defaults just go live with your cd or usb and look at
the Panel Properties. (Right click on the panel, left click on the
'Panel' choice in the menu, look at the list of items. Use the edit
button if necessary to find the name of the applets.)
I am very much in favor of good menus as it helps me remember
applications and access to them. I do searches when I don't know the
answer, but assuming I will never know what I want is frankly
unfriendly. This is why I do not use the 'Unity' interface.
Thank you, Ted P.

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of attack
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Piet Hein

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