[xubuntu-users] xwindow / xfcr crashing in 12.04?

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> Hi,
> I clean-installed xubuntu 12.04 two months ago, and everything is running perfect until last night.  I always turned off my machine every night to save electricity, but when I started up my desktop this morning xwindow and/or xfcr4 is not working properly (please see the enclosed screen shoot for an illustration)
>    * the titlebars of all the windows (terminal, firefox, any x-applications) are gone
>   * previously I set the background of the xfce4 panel to be transparent; now it's solid
>   * previously I set two workspace, but the workspace widget now shows just one, and it does not show any of the x-applications that is currently running (I did check settings-->workspace and its   says that I have two workspace, but under "name of workspace" it only says "1" -- it used to say "1" and "2", I believe)
>   * I can no longer press-down-alt-and-right-click-mouse to change the size of an existing x-window
>   * I used noscript in firefox, but when I right click the mouse to adjust permission, I do see the right-click menu but as soon as I move the mouse pointer the right-click menu is gone!  Interesting enough, I don't have this problem in google chrome
>   * when I click on an x-window that's under another x-window, it no longer pops up to the top.
> These are the main issues I've noticed so far; there might be others I have not yet noticed.  You can see the first three issues in the enclosed screen shoot.
> I don't remember doing anything unusual last night before I turned off the machine -- it was a clean shutdown (via logout menu), I did check for system update and there was none.   But there were signs of x/xfc4 not working properly --  I used to have a xdaliclock clock running on the top left hand corner, but a couple of weeks ago that went haywire -- it started showing up literally in the middle of the screen!  It might have happened after a update but I did not keep track of it.  After fiddding with it it, I thought it was an issue with xdaliclock and I let it slided.  Maybe not...
> I tried to restart xfce4 but I couldn't figure out how to do that.  I do not mind deleting the current xfce profile/setting and redo that again, but I really can't afford the time to reinstall the machine (project deadline...)
> Any suggestions on what's the cause and how to fix it?  Right now the only way I can close an x-window is to ctrl-alt-F1 to console and kill it by hand, and the rest of the system is barely useable (for reasons I outlined above).
> I love xubuntu -- I will never go back to unity! -- your help is most appreciative.

have had the problem under earlier versions of Xubuntu. Solved it somehow in the way that I was recreating my user profile or reinstalling xfce4. If this doesn't help, You should try to reinstall. This is not a general bug, but should be just an coincidently happening mistake during the installation. Most of all, if it was running on earlier releases of Xubuntu.

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