[xubuntu-users] gmusicbrowser users feedback request

elliott1 at null.net elliott1 at null.net
Fri Jun 22 21:19:43 UTC 2012

uninstalled it rather quickly. favor audaious because with that vlc and streamtuner2 i rip streams.sshhhh.

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> From: Bruno Benitez
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> Subject: [xubuntu-users] gmusicbrowser users feedback request
> Hello,
> The Xubuntu team is currently working on a specification to investigate if
> it would be a good move to change the media player from gmusicbrowser to
> something else.
> Until this date, we have received next to no negative feedback about
> gmusicbrowser, but we understand that instead of giving feedback, some
> unhappy users will just uninstall gmusicbrowser and replace with another
> media player.
> This is why we are contacting you, our faithful users, to gather some
> feedback about gmusicbrowser. If you have 5 to 10 minutes free time, please
> get around to answering the questions below and sending a reply back to
> this mailing list before 27th of June. Thank you!
> Please note that while any feedback is welcome, we are only gathering
> feedback on gmusicbrowser at this time, so please don't send your
> recommendations on other media playes to the list.
>  * Do you use gmusicbrowser?
>     * Do you use other media players? If yes, which is your primary one,
> and why?
>  * Do you like or dislike gmusicbrowser?
>     * Especially if you dislike; why, what is the feature that makes you
> dislike it?
>  * Generally, is there any changes you'd like to see made in gmusicbrowser?
>  * Is there something else you want to say about gmusicbrowser?
> -- 
> Bruno.-

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