[xubuntu-users] you have got to be kidding me

Michael Comperchio compercm at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 16:27:10 UTC 2012

I am pissed (and not in an intoxicated kinda way).

I am going to put a LOT of thought into the next couple of 
paragraphs.... so it might be a few minutes...

Seriously... who in their right mind could possibly recommend Linux as 
their operating system? The shit blows up every day!!!!... I have to 
reboot 12.04 just to make it see my interenet dongle! and you guys think 
this is a good thing? I wrote serious software for NASDAQ SCO Unix as 
the platform....

I absolutely no concept of what the hell you people are trying to sell 
with Ubuntu... the thing just STINKS


Michael Comperchio

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*/Computers were created to help people become more productive... then 
someone invented the internet./*
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