[xubuntu-users] Slow directory opening

Greg Zeng gregzeng at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 03:30:23 UTC 2012

Thunar is THE most powerful file manager for Linux.  Unlike others, it
has the most flexible "rename" feature, not offered by any other file
manager in Linux or Windows.

If you need two+ windows, open another Thunar. Cut-Past-Copy between
windows.  Perhaps Krusader is more powerful, but not fully GUI.

Thunar problems:  have added all the needed add-ons? Have you many
versions of Thunar/ addons in different parts of your operating
system?  As suggest, perhaps the icon is not properly linked to where
the app is in Linux, so it has to search each time.

Finally - check the background apps, via any system monitor.  Some
system monitors allow you to give the highest priority to whatever app
you want. ATM I have "System Monitor 1.2.1" giving highest priority to
Luckybackup on my powerful notebook PC.

If all else fails, try "cleaning" you Linux  "registry" with GCONF.

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