[xubuntu-users] Call for testing Quantal Quetzal 12.10 Alpha-3 milestone release

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at kapsi.fi
Wed Jul 25 17:09:48 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 07:35:15AM -0500, Ryan Gauger wrote:
> To test bugs, wound you prefer if I installed it in a virtual machine?

Hi Ryan,

and thanks for showing the interest! The way that you test the install isn't
relevant. If you'd like, you can of course mention the hardware/virtual system
you used for testing. There's the HardwareProfile/ for this. But it isn't
absolutely necessary. The main thing is that it gets tested, and bugs get filed
if you run into such.

Thanks again!

Best regards,

Jaska (astraljava on freenode.net)

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