[xubuntu-users] Video Display garbled

Dennis fraggle.rok at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 14:25:50 UTC 2012


I've just assembled a new box, MB is ASUS P8Z77-V LX.  I did an install of
12.04 xubuntu and am having video garbled/garbage issues.  I'm using the
on-board graphics (Intel HD)

The Xubuntu initial display with the progress bar is fine.  When the login
dialog displays that's when the trouble starts.  There is large amounts of
pixelation, blocky sections, defects etc.  It is clearly not rendering
properly.  It is not like other video issues I saw on other web forums -
not full screen defects with repeating lines or patterns (which suggests a
hardware problem or defect)

I am familiar enough with the xubuntu screens so I am able to login, run
updates etc.  When I switch to a console, all is 100% clean/clear/crisp.
 When I am sitting in the graphical screen, it tends to go into a monitor
blank-out / display again cycle as well, almost as if a process is hunting
for a video mode or perhaps a process dies/respawns.

I tried changing screen resolution (no change), connecting to a VGA cable
instead of DVI (no change) and even to a different monitor.   I did boot
another live linux distro (SLAX) and it came up in KDE environment with
perfect graphics (it had network card issues, but that is a different
problem) so I tend to think driver is the problem?

Suggestions for troubleshooting?  Log files that might help me?  How do I
find out what driver was loaded?

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