[xubuntu-users] Facebook problem on xubuntu, please help

Andrés Sebastián Bentos asbentos at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 22:26:06 UTC 2012

And, very important ...
When you got a problem, its helpful for others who are not viewing what are
you doing in your pc to be very specificed with your problem.

For example.
¿Can you surf anothers site?
¿do you have any network issue?

Its just for help you more quickly.

Sorry, muy english is not good!.

2012/8/27 Andrés Sebastián Bentos <asbentos at gmail.com>

> Can you load any page with flash content?
> Letme know that .
> BR
> Andrés
> 2012/8/27 Piotr Zając <ben.monsters at gmail.com>
>> Hi I'm fresh new user of xubuntu on my laptop. I really like this system
>> but I have some major problem with Facebook on it
>> It does not load, when I clear all browser's private data i help but for
>> a short while enough to log in but soon later it stops to receive any data
>> from site
>> I have this problem on Firefox and Opera so it's not the browser.
>> Can you help me by explaining how to solve this step by step (as I said
>> I'm a fresh xubuntu user) please?
>> Peter
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