[xubuntu-users] 3 suggestions for 12.04

TOM TOM thomasthoma at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 10:35:37 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

I try Xubuntu from time to time and I'm mostly impressed by 2:
1. the artwork + design (amazing default wallpaper and panel layout)
2. the software selection (gmusicbrowser for instance)

so kudos for that to Xubuntu team!


Before 12.04 comes out I'd like to make 3 suggestions:

1. the File System icon could be hidden by dafault, as it confuses some new

2. It would be nice if Thunar not only mounts but also *opens* the mounted
device by default.

3. it took me ages to figure out that one can copy files from the desktop
to a folder by right click + drag
    again the left click + drag behaviour might confuse some new users,
    as they don't know that's it works differently in Xfce.


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