[xubuntu-users] tired

ross smith gaurdro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 17:43:38 UTC 2011

 It should be noted that I don't use any debian or redhat base
distributions for my desktop computing, but I do use both for build
hosts.   Overall I haven't had many issues with any of the build
hosts, but they run headless without a DE installed at all most of the

> I do not mind an occasional bug issue or fix. By occasional, I mean rare. We are supposed to be setting example of stable OS.
> Debian is the only one I know that does this. But alias the apps are too old is the drawback.

 Is there a specific app that you use that is too old in debian?  It's
not terribly difficult to find more modern versions of apps compiled
for debian, or to build your own.

> I got tired of that OS from Richmond few years ago and looked up (notice I said up) to Linux.
> I first tried Ubuntu 8 it was good but some bugs. ver 9 was great but 10 was terrible.
> I changed to Mint, I found ver 9 very good but 10 had bugs and 11 sucks.

 I would suggest sticking with the long term support releases.  Those
are focused on stability instead of new shiny features.  I would like
to note that AFAIK ubuntu is based on debian unstable (I don't know
the name of the top of my head), so instability is inherently part of
the ecosystem.

> I have tried Xubuntu with some trepidation because it is based on (shudder) Ubuntu.
> I find this to be much better but continues to display Ubuntu's bugs.

 Perhaps you should tell us what some of these bugs are.  Switching
the desktop environment isn't going to fix kernel crashes, or base
system problems, just like a new coat of paint isn't going to fix a
blown head gasket in a car.
 I don't think I've seen a post from you asking for help with a bug.
Are these bugs reported?  Have you tried looking for a fix?
Complaining about how bad something is without any information that
could be used to help is rather unproductive.  <jab>at least we *can*
help with issues, and file bugs, which is much more that I can say for
certain other oses</jab>

> If you folks are getting together to assemble a new version, please, please .... MAKE IT STABLE!
> Stable OS wins with everyone.

 Stable may win for you, and a majority of people, but this sort of
generalization is really difficult to make.  I require some super
bleeding edge features and accept the instability that they bring
because they're bleeding edge.   If you want stability, go with an
older  distribution and sacrifice some features.  If you want shiny
features choose a newer distribution and accept that some instability
will be present.


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