[xubuntu-users] !!.04 questions

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Sun May 29 04:40:35 UTC 2011


I've calmed down...Xubuntu is still the best IMO. Went to Nvidia older
173 driver - not the "recommended" one - seems better. Seamonkey crashes
but I manually installed the latest version (not the older one from
Synaptic) and it seems stable.

Apprecitive if I could ask the following:

nm-applet does not appear in the tray in 11.04. Network-manager connects
OK but no GUI. How do I get nm-applet in the tray/panel? $ ps -e shows
it's running.

Installed Parcellite, a clipboard manager. It's checked to start when
Xubuntu boots. And It's in menu and $ ps -e shows it is running. But the
GUI is nowhere to be found - it shouild show up in the tray or desktop.
How to I get it working? It will not appear.

I liked the option to only show outines when dragging or resizing a
window. I see some fancy transparent - opague options but don't see the
outline options. Is it there in !!.04?

Thank you.

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