[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu alternate installation

P.N. peter.nabbefeld at gmx.de
Mon Jan 24 14:12:17 UTC 2011


I want to install Xubuntu 10.10 alternate, but couldn't find any 
installation instructions.

What I want to install:
1. I've already partitioned my HDD using some other distro.
    While I'll delete the partitions, I do want to re-use
    them. Partitioning is as follows:
      sda1 = /boot
      sda2 = [swap]
      sda3 = /
      sda4 = to be used with lvm (/home, /svr)

2. I want to use WLAN using hostapd and madwifi
    (using an ath5k TrendNet device) with radius.

3. Modem: Ethernet or AT-AR215 (Eagle-I)

Could somebody, please, tell me where to find the related docs?

Kind regards


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