[xubuntu-users] Can increase space by adding hard disk?

alex ong alexong2005 at yahoo.com.sg
Mon Feb 21 23:21:59 UTC 2011

I am a newbie to Xubuntu. Mind telling me step by step guide how to do it?

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On 02/14/2011 09:47 PM, alex ong wrote:
> Can I increase the space by adding hard disk? Can the system take both
> hard disks as a single space? Do I need any reconfiguring for it to
> work? Now I have a 7.5GB hard disk loaded with Xubuntu 10.10. I intend
> to add another 8GB hard disk to the ide controller.

You may consider the mdadm program as well.  It the equiv to linux raid.  You can raid0, 1, 5 10 ect.  Also set the drives to auto link together and add the RAID'd partition to your fstab.

If you want to discuss this more let me know.

Tim H.

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