[xubuntu-users] Can increase space by adding hard disk?

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> > > Can I increase the space by adding hard disk? Can the system take both hard disks as a single space? Do I need any reconfiguring for it to work? Now I have a 7.5GB hard disk loaded with Xubuntu 10.10. I intend to add another 8GB hard disk to the ide controller.
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> > You can do it using lvm. If you didn't use lvm during installation,
> > you need quite a bit of reconfiguring for it. In fact, it may be
> > faster to just reinstall with lvm.
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> What is lvm? And if I reinstall which stage will I be prompted for this lvm?

LVM is a Logical Volume Manager, a system that introduces a layer of
indirection between your real, hardware, disks and the logical disks
used by the system. Basically it can take multiple disks and join them
into one storage pool, from which you can then create virtual disks.
Another advantage of using LVM is that you can create, remove and
change the disks at runtime easily.

There is a guide for using LVM on an already installed system at

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