[xubuntu-users] package download, UAC issues with xubuntu 11.04

James Freer jessejazza3 at aol.co.uk
Sat Aug 20 21:31:50 UTC 2011

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Subject: [xubuntu-users] package download, UAC issues with xubuntu 11.04

I've recently switched to xubuntu from windows, inspite of a few 
hiccups its worth it.
There are few issues i would appreciate help on:

1) i downloaded some programs thru 'ubuntu software center'. but 
because i require just basic functionatlity, so decided to remove all 
the programs which i wont be using. These included some programs which 
come preinstalled with xubuntu.
Since then, whenver i try to install anything from 'ubuntu software 
center', it gives me an error 'Failed to download package files: check 
your internet connection' even though i'm connected. Also, no matter 
what package i downlad, it is always under 'Not Authenticated' label, 
even when downloading thru synaptic.

2) before i did the uninstalling, there was a guest account also. But 
now, even though it is enabled in UAC, but doesnt show up on login, 
only the admin account is available.

i've tried reinstalling the package f iles that were mentioned 
'removed' in ubuntu software center, to no avail.
could someone help out?
 Oh dear!
The reason for your problems is that you've removed some 'core' files 
which are part of the operating system. As you're new to linux - you 
need to be aware that what you can remove takes a little experience [as 
you've mentioned above the guest account]. Basically one should add to 
the system and ONLY remove apps that YOU have added! ok

For example... i've been using linux for several years although i'm in 
no way an IT specialist. I don't like Gnumeric and so i installed the 
OO-calc and removed Gnumeric. That's ok no problems.

Fair advice i'd say is don't remove apps - just add until you're more 
familiar with the system. Better still - use an older spare pc to 
tinker and learn about linux. i still use a spare machine to test apps 
out before i install them on my main PC.

[we've all done it!!!]

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