[xubuntu-users] No file associations in firefox after upgrade

Tim Henderson bizdev at pwnspeak.com
Mon Nov 1 15:59:56 UTC 2010

I have this problem too.  But I assumed it was due to my "save file 
to.." add-on I downloaded.  Do you have any similar add-ons?  If not 
then I would assume it's actually xubuntu with the problem not my 
add-on.  Then I can work on this.

Tim H.

On 10/31/10 17:41, Andreas Säger wrote:
> Hello,
> I upgraded from 08.4 LTS to 10.4 LTS with one intermediate step. Worked
> fine except for one issue. Firefox 3.6.12 does not load downloadeded
> files anymore. It asks me what to do (open with... or save) but it
> silently fails to call any application. It can not even show the target
> directory when I tell it to do so in the download manager. I have to
> pick up the file from /tmp or ~/download respectively.
> I renamed my user profile, but get exactly the same problem with a newly
> created user profile.

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