[xubuntu-users] $@$@$&%#%& Nvidia card... anyone know if the xorg-video-nv driver does 2d _high_ resolution?

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Sun Jul 11 12:54:54 UTC 2010

It would appear that on Jul 11, Charlie Kravetz did say:

> To select the open source driver, you would not install the hardware
> driver. The kernel will automatically install the nouveau driver, which
> is open source.

To then to select the nv or vesa driver (both of which synaptic says are
installed) would I have to blacklist the other two... that is to get the nv
driver blacklist both nouveau and the vesa driver & to get the vesa driver
blacklist both nouveau and the nv driver???

I hope not because that seems cumbersome. And if the nouveau driver was
what I got when I hadn't selected one of the hardware drivers, then the 
highest resolution it offers with a Nvidia GeForce 5150 LE is 800x600...

It's mostly a moot point because I did install the hardware driver. Still
It doesn't seem right that there isn't a way to at least select the vesa
driver since it's often listed as a will work with anything driver that
I've seen recommended as a temporary solution to people with severe driver
issues in more than one Linux mailing list...

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