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Radomir Dopieralski xubuntu at sheep.art.pl
Thu Feb 25 23:20:00 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 11:53 PM, Lee Gold <leegold at operamail.com> wrote:
>>By the way, when WRITING to a USB stick in Windows, you also have to click 'Safely Remove Hardware' before removing the USB drive, else you lose the changes you made - underneath, both Windows and Linux do the same thing - but Windows does not use the word 'unmount'.
> At least in XP it's not necessary to do that, though it might be recommended. I know because I've used XP extensively in the past. At leaset I've never lost any data by doing that...

It is necessary, why would they recommend it otherwise? The chances
are you were just lucky, plus windows has different default cache
sizes than ubuntu -- smaller cache gets flushed to disk faster, even
if it means slower operations.

>>On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 9:19 AM, Lee Gold <leegold at operamail.com> wrote:
>>    Hi,
>>    I'd like to know if a file is recoverable. I copied a file to a usb thumb drive from another usb thumb drive (actually I CUT & PASTED). I then accidentally pulled out the usb drive I copied to. Now the file is gone on both drives. Is there any way to get the file back?
>>    I'm use to windows were I do not have have unmount - I just pull it. But on Xubuntu I must dismount first else I've noticed I loose it all.
>>    I really need this file, is there any way?
Since it's a pendrive, it's probably formatted as FAT32, so the files
are not really removed from it. You shuld be able to recover it using
the standard undelete tools for FAT filesystems. Googling for such
tools for ubuntu brings this as the first hit, but you might also try

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