[xubuntu-users] A pakage manager is working in tray all the time

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Mon Aug 30 23:52:16 UTC 2010


There's a gear icon on the tray that will not go away. the tool tip says "A pakage manager is working". I tried finding a process running I could kill but can't find anything. How do I fix this? I tried disabling automatic update notifications but it's still there. How do I get rid of it? It's really annoying. 

Also there's a distribution update that I do not want (geegie or geegle to replace gqview) it of course keeps showing up as something I should update. Again, I don't want it. How to I disable just that notification for that app only? I want to keep the version of gqview I have as it works correctly.

Using Xubuntu 10.04


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