[xubuntu-users] Lost my desktop icons

John Thompson john at stolat.os2.dhs.org
Mon Aug 23 14:52:15 UTC 2010

On 2010-08-22, Charlie Kravetz <cjk at teamcharliesangels.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Aug 2010 20:34:31 -0500
> John Thompson <john at stolat.os2.dhs.org> wrote:
>> My xubuntu-9.10 desktop has lost all its icons. I can still launch 
>> programs from the "Applications" drop-down menu or an xterm, but there's 
>> nothing on the desktop and MB2/MB3 on the desktop don't bring up any 
>> menus like they used to.
>> Where should I be looking to fix this?  
> I would start with Applications -> Settings -> Desktop, Icons tab;
> Appearance Icon Type should be "File/launcher icons"


> Then look at the Applications -> Settings -> Desktop, Menus tab and
> make sure you choices are still marked there for the menus on the right
> click and middle click.

Also check.

Still no joy. I suspect there is some obscure gconf mumbo-jumbo needed 
to fix this. In some ways life was much easier with X11 and plain text 
configuration files.

Thanks for responding, though...

-John (john at os2.dhs.org)

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