[xubuntu-users] I want to install Xubuntu without loosing anything

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Fri Aug 6 08:14:40 UTC 2010

It would appear that on Aug 3, Yorvyk did say:

> On Tue, 3 Aug 2010 11:41:10 +0200
> Vincent <mailinglists at vinnl.nl> wrote:
> > I would mostly recommend Charlie's method of burning Ubuntu to a CD, and run
> > that. That way, you do not need to install anything.
> > 


Been there. done that got the T-shirt... And actually this IS a good idea
if you don't mind burning a cd. AND if your PC has enough ram for the live
cd to give reasonable performance. BUT I note, Terry, that you don't want
to lose existing "stuff" from within your current Xubuntu desktop. ( and
would I'm thinking like to have access to it from the new Ubuntu
desktop... ) That being the case, what ever you do don't use the live-cd to
INSTALL Ubuntu unless you have second hard drive or room to put it on a
different partition or it will overwrite  your existing files...

That is after you try the live cd, if you like what you see, use Yorvyk's
corrected method (see below) to add the Ubuntu desktop to your existing Xubuntu one.
I've also used this method in the past. and it works well. But of course
you have to have room on the hard drive for both desktop environments to
coexist. At least for a little while.

> > PS. Yorvyk's advice contains a little error so won't work, but the above
> > method is recommended for you anyway :)
> That’s not a little error, that’s a proper BIG error :D Oops!
> 	sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
> is what it should have been.

And that command is of course run from a terminal window. But if you can
find that exact package-name with synaptic you can accomplish the same
thing pointNclick style... 

Believe it or not the command line really is the easy way in this case
though. Once you have both Xubuntu and Ubuntu to choose from, you can at
your option (disk space permitting)  simply keep both installed. Or once
you decide which one to keep it's not really that hard to uninstall the

I did a quick google search looking for a good page to explain the whole
process in steps that even a "complete Linux newbie" <grin> should be able
to follow. And I quickly found this old but still true method of switching
from one desktop to another. (see the link pasted below) Of course those
instructions don't mention that you can play with both systems for a while
before removing one of them. 

Just one thing to stress. Before you use apt-get to install or remove
anything... Do remember to use "apt-get update" errr better make that:

sudo apt-get update

to insure that your sources package list data is up to date first...
(It's like clicking the reload button in synaptic) 


Hope this helps...

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