[xubuntu-users] How-to install without CD?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Sun Mar 8 14:29:58 UTC 2009

Marko Oreskovic wrote:
> deemarie at fastmail.fm wrote:
>> Dear Xubuntu
>> I would like instructions on how to install Xubuntu 8.10 from an iso
>> image that is on my hard drive.
>> Also, if it matters,  which  ISO image would I need to download....
>> Desktop CD or Alternate install CD... in order to accomplish this?
>> I was able to do this for Puppy Linux. Unzipped iso to C:\, added grldr
>> and menu.lst to C:\boot.images folder,  modified boot.ini  adding 
>> C:\GRLDR="Puppy Menu".
>> That made a "frugal install".  From there you can do normal/full install
>> to another hard drive/partition. 
>> That's what I'm looking to do with your Xubuntu.  Puppy Linux was awful. 
>> I'm running Windows 2000pro btw.  866PIII, 512ram.
>> I'd like to put Xubuntu on hda3 (I:)
>> Thank you
>> Deemarie

If usb-boot will not work for you, this could help you along.

Be warned: Puppy Linux is easier to boot from iso.

But as you said, Xubuntu will most probably much better care for your 
everyday computer experience:


kind regards

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